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Agent Churn in a Contact Centre

What is agent churn in a contact centre?

Agent churn, also known as agent attrition or agent turnover, is a critical metric in contact centres and customer service environments. It quantifies the rate at which call centre agents leave their positions, either voluntarily or due to replacement, highlighting the dynamic nature of the workforce in these settings. Agent churn poses common challenges that impact operational efficiency and the quality of customer service.

Several factors contribute to agent churn. First, the high-pressure nature of call centre work, characterised by demanding performance targets and dealing with challenging customer interactions, often leads to job stress and burnout. Inadequate training can exacerbate the issue, as agents who lack the necessary skills and knowledge may feel overwhelmed and dissatisfied. Additionally, the perceived lack of career advancement opportunities, non-competitive compensation and benefits, and poor work-life balance can all contribute to higher attrition rates.

Monotonous tasks, such as reading from scripts or handling a high volume of similar enquiries, can lead to boredom and reduced engagement among agents.  Poor management practices, lack of support, and inadequate feedback can drive agents to seek more supportive work environments.


The consequences of high agent churn in a contact centre 


These include increased recruitment and training costs, decreased productivity as new agents become acclimated to their roles, and potential declines in service quality and customer satisfaction. 

Addressing agent churn is critical, and contact centres employ various strategies to mitigate it. These strategies include improving training programs, offering competitive compensation and benefits packages, implementing flexible work arrangements, creating opportunities for advancement, and fostering a positive work culture. 

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