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Auto Diallers

What is an auto dialler in a contact centre?

An auto dialler or dialler, is a tool used in call centres to automatically dial outbound phone numbers and make calls without manual intervention from an agent.

This automation significantly enhances efficiency and productivity within the contact centre environment and enables more calls to be made.

Auto diallers operate based on pre-defined lists of phone numbers, which are typically referred to as call lists or lead lists. These lists contain the phone numbers of individuals or entities that the contact centre intends to reach out to. The auto dialler then takes charge of dialling these numbers systematically, freeing agents from the repetitive task of manual dialling.

What types of calls can auto diallers make?

There are several modes or methods through which auto diallers can initiate calls, each catering to different operational needs, here are some examples.

Predictive Dialling: In predictive dialling, the auto dialler employs algorithms to predict when an agent will become available to take the next call. It starts dialling multiple numbers simultaneously, ensuring that a live connection is established just as an agent is ready to speak with the customer. This method minimises agent idle time and maximises call centre efficiency.

Power Dialling: Power dialling is a more controlled approach, where the auto dialler dials a single number at a time for each available agent. This allows agents to focus entirely on the call at hand and provides them with the opportunity to review relevant customer information before the call is connected.

Preview Dialling: In preview dialling, the auto dialler presents the call information to the agent before initiating the call. Agents have the chance to review customer details and context, ensuring a more personalised and informed interaction.

Progressive Dialling: Progressive dialling strikes a balance between power dialling and preview dialling. The auto dialler initiates the call, but unlike predictive dialling, it does not dial multiple numbers simultaneously. Instead, it waits for an agent to become available and then connects the call.


What are the key benefits of auto diallers?


Efficiency: By automating the dialling process, auto diallers significantly increase the number of calls an agent can make in a day, maximising productivity.

Reduced Idle Time: Predictive dialling minimises agent idle time by ensuring that they are always connected to a live call when they become available.

Compliance: Auto diallers can be configured to comply with regulations such as unsubscribed lists, helping contact centres avoid legal issues.

Data Management: Auto diallers often come equipped with tools for managing call lists, lead information, and call outcomes, aiding in data management and analysis.


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