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Average Hold Time in Contact Centres

What is average hold time?

Average Hold Time (AHT), often referred to as Average Hold or Hold Time, serves as a pivotal metric within the dynamic world of contact centres and customer service operations. This metric specifically focuses on quantifying the average duration that customers spend in a state of anticipation, typically while on hold or within a waiting queue, before they are successfully connected to a customer service agent or receive the assistance they seek. 

Within a contact centre, AHT is a critical performance indicator that plays a central role in evaluating the operational efficiency and the quality of customer experiences.

What are the benefits of measuring AHT in a contact centre?

Here’s an in-depth exploration of Average Hold Time (AHT) and its profound implications:

Customer Waiting Period: AHT captures the precious minutes or seconds that customers invest while awaiting their turn to engage with a customer service agent. During this interval, customers may hear music, informational messages, or prompts, depending on the contact centre’s hold system. Managing this waiting period effectively is essential to prevent customer frustration, call abandonment and to ensure customer satisfaction remains high.

Operational Efficiency: Average Hold Time reflects the ability of the contact centre to promptly route incoming calls, allocate resources, and manage call volumes. A lower AHT often signifies streamlined operations and agile response to customer needs.

Resource Allocation: AHT influences resource allocation strategies within the contact centre. By analysing AHT data, contact centre managers can determine staffing levels required during different times of the day or week, ensuring that adequate resources are available to minimise hold times and maximise service levels.

Customer Experience: The time customers spend on hold significantly impacts their overall experience. Excessive hold times can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. Conversely, efficient hold management and shorter AHT contribute to a more positive customer perception of the contact centre and the organisation it represents.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Many contact centres establish specific AHT targets as part of their SLAs with clients or internal service agreements. Meeting these AHT goals is essential for demonstrating compliance with service level commitments and maintaining strong client relationships.

Queue Management: AHT is closely linked to how contact centres manage queues. Sophisticated call routing and queuing systems are employed to minimise hold times and ensure that customers are connected to the appropriate agent efficiently.

Service Differentiation: A good Average Hold Time can serve as a competitive differentiator for contact centres. Organisations that consistently deliver shorter hold times and faster access to assistance can stand out in the market and attract and retain customers more effectively.

Balancing Efficiency and Quality: While reducing AHT is a desirable goal, it must be balanced with the need to provide a high quality service level. Contact centres must strike a balance between minimising hold times and ensuring that their customers still receive a good level of support.


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